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Prata med mat i mun

An initiative of Göteborgs stad on the subject of how to make the city more equal.

Make a digital solution that contributes to a more equal city.

Programs used:
Figma, Illustrator

The socioeconomic differences in Gothenburg is a problem affecting everyone. 23% of children in 9th grade can’t afford leisure activities. This fact, together with the fact that leisure activities can prevent juvenile delinquency, had me designing this service, where children and adolescents cook food from different cultures together, for free. I asked 28 7th graders if they thought this was something they would do and most of them were positive towards this kind of activity. The design is playful and uses the colors of Göteborgs stad. 

[dɪˈzaɪ.nɚ] noun
a person who imagines how something
could be made and draws plans for it